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Olympus Labs Sup3r-7

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Ignite Your Fat Burning Furnace!

Clinically studied, Sup3r-7s key ingredient 7-Keto DHEA has been shown to increase metabolism and boost fat loss by increasing the activity of thermogenic enzymes.

It literally helps your liver to use fat for fuel!

Additionally, helps to reduce triglycerides and improve cholesterol levels.

Fire up your fat burning furnace now with Sup3r-7!

Key Benefits ofSup3r-7:

  • Non-Hormonal*
  • Can Be Used By Men & Women*
  • Helps Increase Fat Loss*
  • Helps Reduce Fat Storage*
  • Helps Improve Metabolism*
  • Helps Control Cortisol*
  • Helps Boost Immune System*
  • Helps Improve Cholesterol Levels*
  • Helps Improve Brain Health*

Sup3r-7Formula Breakdown:

7-Keto DHEA:a naturally occurring metabolite of DHEA, but unlike normal DHEA, 7-Keto DHEA does not metabolize into sex hormones allowing it to provide many of the same benefits of DHEA but without the associated side effects.7-Keto DHEA is responsible for activating enzymes responsible for fatty acid and carbohydrate metabolism. As we age the bodys production of 7-Keto DHEA declines which results in a decline in your metabolic rate. Clinical studies have shown that 7-Keto DHEA helps to increase metabolism and improve body mass index.

S-SEDDS:Short for solid-self-emulsifying drug delivery systems, this delivery system is a highly effective delivery system utilized by the pharmaceutical industry. S-SEDDS help to improve the oral bioavailability of compounds (in this case Andros) by avoiding the liver which is where these compounds are significantly broken down leaving very little to be absorbed. This is done by facilitating the absorption via the intestinal lymphatic system for absorption in the intestine. This results in enhanced solubility and bioavailability, and when coupled with solidification the compounds also yield a higher stability and reproducibility. Overall this delivery system stands to be one of the most effective delivery systems today.